Commercial Roofing

There are a few things you must consider before picking a roofing system for a commercial roof... 

  • Roof Size 
  • Building Height
  • Access
  • Detailing 

Most commercial roofs are generally very large and are often over 100m2; the larger the roof the more materials that will need to be transported up to the roof.

It is important to pick a roofing system that is easy to transport as often commercial roofs will be on high buildings with limited access.

The vast majority of commercial roofs will also have lots of roof detailing such as skylights and access hatches making it super important to find a roofing system that is made with detail work in mind. 

So Which System Is The Best For Commercial Roofs?...

Resitrix and Classicbond Pro are fantastic options for commercial roofs as the system comes in manageable-sized rolls rather than a one-piece membrane. This makes it easier to transport the materials onto high, hard to get to roofs no matter the roof size. Arboflex is also another great option as the product comes in tins that are easy to handle and transport.

All three of these products are made with detail work in mind and as they are not bespoke-sized products spare materials can be used for waterproofing detailing meaning there is less room for waste. Both Resitrix and ClassicBond Pro are pre-formed with reinforcement whereas Abroflex is installed with reinforced matting making all three systems suitable for commercial roofs especially those that are over 100m2. 


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Compatible Systems:
  • The RESITRIX Reinforced Self-Adhesive system is perfect for complicated flat roofs, gutter linings, parapet walls and awkward shapes. Also the right choice for overlaying most existing roofing coverings.
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  • The ClassicBond Pro Fleece Reinforced EPDM system is a high-performance, reduced shrinkage system which is ideal for large overlay roofs due to rapid installation times.
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  • A liquid waterproofing system that can be installed straight over felt and many other roofing substrates. It is perfect for complicated and uneven roofs and can be used straight out of the tin!
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