Rubber Roofing Assistant

We’ve created a wide range of resources to help you get to know your way around Rubber Roofing.

These include articles highlighting the advantages and versatility of Rubber Roofs as well as helpful links for choosing a roofing system, purchasing the materials and installing your roof.

Why use EPDM Rubber Roofing?

Why is EPDM right for my project over Felt?
We have a range of articles highlighting the key advantages of rubber roofs over traditional felt roofs.

What projects can EPDM be used for?
If you are unsure whether EPDM is right for your project, we range of articles presenting some of the most common uses of rubber roofs, from extensions to gutters and more

Rubber Roof FAQs
Frequently asked questions about all of our flat roofing systems

Choose the right Roofing System

So you're convinced that EPDM is the best solution for your project, but now how do you decide which is the best roofing system for you?

Choosing the right Roofing System
An overview of our five roofing systems with links to full system information

Systems Comparison Table
A reference table, showing side-by-side properties and costs of each system

Picking the correct materials

We have two options to calculate the materials for you, or you can jump in at the deep end and work it out manually

Pick one of our Roof Kits
We've got kits for all types of roofs, simply select the right size and we'll send you everything you need

Create a Custom ClassicBond Kit
Our Online Calculator will work out all your materials in a few simple steps

Install your new Rubber Roof

We want your new roof to look great and be problem free for many years to come, so we've created some great training to show you how.

Install the roof Yourself
Our Online Training Centre is equipped with a range of comprehensive videos, manuals and how-2 guides for each of our systems

Have a Professional Install it for you
We have an approved installers network to connect you with a certified installer near you if you'd rather have someone else install your roof for you


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