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Self Adhesive EPDM Flat Roofing System

The RESITRIX Reinforced Self-Adhesive system is perfect for complicated flat roofs, awkward shapes, and overlaying most existing roofing coverings.

Developed over the last 40 years to create a highly flexible, reinforced single-ply membrane that combines all the advantages of EPDM in one layer, easy installation, and detailing with hot-air welding, RESITRIX® was born!

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  1. RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond

    RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond

    From: £108.00 £90.00
  2. FG35 Primer

    FG35 Primer

    From: £27.00 £22.50
  3. Sure Edge Gutter Drip Trim

    Sure Edge Gutter Drip Trim

    From: £21.59 £17.99
  4. Sure Edge Kerb Trim 2.5M

    Sure Edge Kerb Trim 2.5M

    From: £21.59 £17.99
  5. Metal Wall Trim for Rubber Roofing from Rubber4Roofs

    Metal Wall Flashing Trim

    From: £12.30 £10.25
  6. Self Adhesive Drain Outlet

    Self Adhesive Drain Outlet

    From: £77.40 £64.50
  7. Penny Roller

    Penny Roller

    £18.00 £15.00
  8. Adhesive Gun

    Adhesive Gun

    £3.78 £3.15

The RESITRIX® Product has a rich heritage dating back to 1856 when the company was known as PHOENIX AG. Waterproofing membranes were a core activity of the company, and in the 1970s, it launched Flamtrix, among other products. You can learn more about RESITRIX by following the links below.

Should you have any questions about the products, we are available to contact for further assistance. Call us on 0808 253 2150 if you are calling from a landline or 0247 759 4695 if you are calling from a mobile phone.

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