Wholesale EPDM Supplies

Are you a merchant, roofing centre or busy trade counter?

With hundreds of products always in stock and direct access to UK Importers we manage the bulky storage and handling of large seamless cut-to-size EPDM along with everything else required for installation. Having processed 230,000 m2 of EPDM in the last 12 months alone, we're confident our specialised services will provide your business and customers with a new platform into the world of EPDM.

Drop-Ship Fulfilment

Avoid the need to manage bulky and expensive stock completely by letting our merchant drop-ship solution pick and process your orders from our warehouse before delivering to your depot or direct to the customer.

Using our dedicated EPDM warehouse, our experienced team can process your customer orders for you, delivering next-day cut-to-size orders to allow you to benefit from improved customer satisfaction without the hassle of off-cut waste or the cost of bulky storage.

Stock Replenishment

Always have the products on your shelf ready for your customers without the need to hold excess stock. We will bulk supply direct to your depot to keep you stocked up with what you need when you need it.

Keeping your stock light will also allow you to explore and experiment with any products from our range of 4 different roofing systems without major investment, helping you to respond to changes in your customers requirements.

Merchant Benefits

EPDM is bulky to store, process and ship, so our B2B solutions have been developed to allow our optimised EPDM warehouse to relieve that burden from yours, reducing your warehouse and stocking costs, whilst providing the added benefit of access to our extensive range of EPDM products and our tailored cut-to-size service. You'll also have access to:

  • EPDM Calculator
  • Sales Literature
  • Demo Display Roof
  • Online installation training videos, FAQs and manuals for your customers
  • Practical installation training for your team
  • 5-Star sales and technical telephone support team

Let us know your requirements

We know every business has its own requirements. You might not be able to pick directly from our Drop-Ship or Bulk Supply solutions, requiring something a little more tailored. We're able to mix and match our solutions to fit you offering a hybrid solution that would allow you to stock the less bulky non-membrane materials and have all membranes drop-shipped on an order by order basis either to your trade counter or directly to the customer.

Whatever your requirements our team are on hand to chat it all through with you.

To find out more about our Wholesale services and pricing please contact our sales team

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