"The Simplest Thing Ever" - Mark B&M Builders

Many builders stay away from installing their own flat roofs for the simple reason that it looks too complicated and must be time-consuming to learn. Mark from B&M Builders thought the same before he went on our ClassicBond training course...

“Me and the lad went on it (ClassicBond training course) and since then we’ve done our own rubber roofs. They’re so easy to fit and the only person I’ve got to worry about is me turning up. It’s the simplest thing ever”

Check out our video below to learn more about Mark’s story

We believe rubber roofing should be accessible for all tradespeople who would like to learn a new skill and bring in extra income 

Our professional ClassicBond training course will teach you everything you need to know so you can confidently install your own rubber roofs. For just £75 +VAT you’ll learn valuable information taught by our experienced Training Manager, Steve. You’ll also have plenty of time to practise your skills on our demo roof at our custom-built training centre.

If you want to invest in your ClassicBond flat roofing future call us on  024 7666 7234

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