"Training Was First Class" - Aaron Birmingham Flat Roofing

For any roofer, it's essential to have a reliable merchant who can not only supply you with the materials you need but also offer technical support for those tricky roofs

We spoke to Aaron from Birmingham Flat Roofing to hear about his experience using our products and services. Aaron attended our ClassicBond training course and has been confidently installing ClassicBond ever since.

“We did the training pretty much when we discovered Rubber4Roofs because as a company and a contractor, we like to be proficient in the system we’re actually fitting. The training was first class, (good) attention to detail, and any questions we asked got answered”

Watch our video below to learn more about Aaron’s story

Understanding your chosen flat roofing system and getting hands-on training are the key ingredients to becoming a confident installer

We offer a full day of learning through our professional ClassicBond training course for just £75 +VAT. Our courses are hands-on and jam-packed with valuable information from our experienced Training Manager. You’ll also have plenty of time to put your learning into practice with our demo roof.

If you want to invest in your ClassicBond flat roofing future call us on 024 7666 7234

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