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  1. Horizontal Drain Outlet

    Horizontal Drain Outlet Installation Guide

  2. Internal Drain Outlet 68mm

    How to install an internal Drain Outlet 68mm

  3. Sure Edge® Roof Trim Installation Guide

    How to install the Sure Edge trim system

  4. Installing Decking Over An EPDM Membrane

    Increase your outdoor living space by installing decking over your membrane

  5. Installing Walkway Pads

    Where heavy traffic is expected we recommend installing walkway pads

  6. Cold Deck Vs Warm Deck

    A comparison of EPDM Cold/Warm Deck

  7. Waterproofing Pipes & Skylights

    How to waterproof pipes and skylights etc

  8. ClassicBond Pro Installation Manual

    ClassicBond Pro Reinforced EPDM Flat Roofing System Installation Guide

  9. ClassicBond Pro Brochure

    Manufactured by the worlds leading EPDM manufacturer, ClassicBond roof systems offer economical, easy installation and require no special tools or installation equipment


[1] : Are The EPDM Membranes Guaranteed?

We are able to offer 20-year EPDM guarantees to all certified installers who have attended our training course.
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[2] : How thick are EPDM membranes?

We sell a total of five roofing systems. Four are EPDM membranes and the fifth is a Polyurathane Liquid. The thicknesses are listed below:

[3] : Is ClassicBond Pro BBA Certified?

Yes, ClassicBond Pro EPDM holds the British Board of Agrement certificate, No. 11/4853 (issued to Flex-R Ltd). It also holds fire ratings.
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[4] : Which Roofing System Is Best For Me?

Each roofing system has unique properties. With five Roofing Systems available; four EPDM Membranes and one Liquid Rubber system, we are bound to have the perfect choice for your roof. Please check out this overview of each to decide which is best for your project.
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[5] : What Adhesive Do I Use When Bonding ClassicBond Pro EPDM?

ClassicBond Pro EPDM can be bonded with several adhesives: Water-based, Solvent-Based & PU Adhesives, making it a very versatile roofing system
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[6] : Can EPDM Be Laid Over Existing Roof Coverings?

Each EPDM membrane roofing system can be bonded to a range of different surfaces. This article covers the various do's and don'ts for each roofing system, the surfaces that can be bonded to and the adhesives required.
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