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How to Install an EPDM Pipe Boot Video and Installation Guide

If you have had to cut the EPDM membrane to the nearest roof edge due to the position of the pipe in the roof then these additional steps will guide you through waterproofing the membrane.

Step by Step Installation Guide

Print these Instructions
  1. Repair Cut in Rubber Membrane

    Repair the cut in the rubber membrane if necessary using a 150mm wide piece of 9" Elastoform Tape. Mark position of cover tape to aid application of primer.

  2. Apply Primer to Pipe Boot And Membrane

    Apply primer to pipe boot and membrane. Ensure primed surface is touch dry prior to proceeding to next step.

  3. Install Elastoform Tape

    Install Elastoform Tape ensuring that primer is visible around the perimeter of cover tape. Apply pressure using silicon seam roller

  4. Pipe Boot Complete


Here's what you'll need

Pipe Boot

Pipe Boot

75mm - 100mm