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How to Install a Termination Bar Video and Installation Guide

In this section we show you how to install a termination bar to join an EPDM rubber membrane on to other roofing materials such as Felt, Built Up Roofing and Asphalt.

Step by Step Installation Guide

Print these Instructions
  1. Fold Back EPDM and apply Water Cut Off Mastic

    Ensure that the rubber membrane extends a minimum of 25mm on to the adjoining roof surface to be joined to.
    Fold back the rubber membrane and apply a bead of Water Cut Off Mastic directly to the surface to be joined on to e.g. Roofing Felt or Asphalt.

  2. Position Termination Bar

    Fold back the rubber membrane over the surface to be joined to.
    Position Termination Bar on top of EPDM rubber membrane and directly over the top of the Water Cut off Mastic.

  3. Install Termination Bar Screws

    Using the pre-drilled holes screw the Termination Bar in place using the fixings provided. Ensure that the EPDM washer creates a complete seal.

    The screws need to be the correct length and type for the underlying roof. If you are joining the rubber membrane to Asphalt or BUR especially where there might be an insulating layer installed below extra long screws may be required to screw in to the underlying roof deck.

    Standard screws provided are 45mm in length.

  4. Sealing with Water Cut Off Mastic

    Ensure that sufficient Water Cut off Mastic is installed so that when the Termination Bar is screwed down the mastic squeezes out.
    Water Cut off Mastic is specifically designed to work under compression to form a seal. The Mastic stays tacky throughout its working life.

    Do not substitute Water Cut Off Mastic with silicon or other types of mastics.

  5. Trim EPDM Rubber Membrane

    Trim back the excess rubber membrane being careful not to cut the underlying roof material.

  6. Apply Lap Sealant to edge of T-Bar

    Apply a bead of lap sealant to the edge of the Termination Bar to create an additional seal between the EPDM rubber membrane and the underlying roofing material.

Here's what you'll need

EPDM Termination Bar (Aluminium)

Aluminium Termination Bar

3 Metres