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Self Adhesive Membrane Gutter Lining

Our Self Adhesive reinforced membrane is widely used in gutter repairs. The membrane creates a gutter lining that can be used on any type of gutter material i.e. asbestos, metal, concrete or lead no matter what size. The gutter lining can be used on internal gutters, external gutters, box gutters, commercial and residential roof valleys and Finlock gutters. Used as a gutter lining our membrane provides all of the usual advantages of our EPDM Self Adhesive Membrane.

As you can see from the picture opposite the membrane will bend to fit any profile including 90 degree angles. All you will need for most jobs is the membrane, primer and pre-formed outlets


Advantages of an EPDM Gutter Lining

EPDM has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years The lining is fully bonded so no need for restraining straps that can cause the gutter to block. No need for separate end profiles. One size fits all! The EPDM lining is flexible and can be pleated at the stop ends to avoid cutting and joining the membrane Flexibility of the lining makes it easier to install under existing roof tiles and roof cladding overhangs, often avoiding the need to remove No special tools required - just a heat gun and seam roller where it is necessary to heat weld lengths over 10 metres long.

Residential Finlock Gutters

Finlock gutters installed in the sixties are prone to leaking and can cause untold damage to the fabric of the building if not lined and repaired.


Commercial box gutters

Typically commercial gutters are manufactured in relatively short lengths of steel or Asbestos bolted together to form a continuous gutter. These typically leak at the joins due to deterioration of the gutter fabric and building movement caused by thermal expansion and contraction.


Gutter outlets

We stock a range of different sized gutter outlets, however due to the number of different variants on the market please contact us to confirm your specific requirements quoting the inside diameter of the connecting down-pipe.

<p><strong>The RESITRIX&reg; EPDM Gutter Lining Kits are ideal for commercial and residential gutters. Finlock, concrete, metal and more</strong></p>
<p>Please select correct size kit from the drop down menu.&nbsp;</p>

EPDM Gutter Lining Kits

The RESITRIX® EPDM Gutter Lining Kits are ideal for commercial and residential gutters. Finlock, concrete, metal and more

Please select correct size kit from the drop down menu.