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Roof Garden Flat Roofs

A roof garden is classed as any garden on the roof of a building. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits roof planting may provide the building with insulation, temperature control and architectural enhancement and provide the local environment with habitats and green corridors for wildlife and recreational opportunities.

If you wish to plant directly onto the EPDM waterproof membrane then please see our section on Green Roofs using rubber membrane, however if you wish to use your roof as a habitable space for recreation or as an outside room then this section is for you. EPDM membranes can be overlaid with almost any finished surface. We stock a range of slab spacers for concrete or composite slabs. You can also lay decking over EPDM membranes using a fleece to protect the surface and of course create areas of green roofing with turf or various plants.

As with green roofs it is important to ensure before starting any roof garden project that the structure of the roof is sufficient to take the extra weight. You may also want to install edge protection to ensure that your roof garden is safe from falls. Our Self Adhesive membrane is ideal for creating waterproof balcony junctions.

ClassicBond One Piece EPDM

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