Green Goddess Fire Engine Roof

Rubber4Roofs are proud to sponsor the Genghis Goddess and their participation in the 2010 Mongol Rally.

The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess fire engine built in 1956 would typically have a bitumen felt roof, which like all felt roofs has a limited life span. This particular Green Goddess is being driven 10,000 miles from Coventry to the capitol of Mongolia as part of the 2010 Mongol Rally. The Fire engine will be delivered to the Mongolian Fire Service to help combat domestic fire disasters whilst raising money for their chosen charities Mercy Corp and Future Hope. 

New Roof

As seen in the picture The Genghis Goddess is now sporting a brand new EPDM Rubber Roof. The Self Adhesive Membrane was chosen for its non slip hard-wearing properties.

The Journey

The Team, Fire Engine and new EPDM rubber roof will be following the ancient path trodden by crusaders, Mongols & Persian. It will take them across the European continent, traversing the historic gap between East and West, the Hellespont, a gap so small it defeated an empire. They will be negotiating Iranian mountains and deserts. Through the white tipped mountains of Kazakhstan, following the silk road they will eventually reach a border where they will cross into the Gobi Desert. View the route

Destination Mongolia

After 10,000 miles and at the end of the voyage they will reach the heart of Mongolia and the fire engine will be donated to the local fire service and starts it new life!

We wish our new friends and participants in the Mongol Rally a safe journey and we hope that the fire engine and new EPDM Rubber roof will give many years service to the people of Mongolia.

General Mongol Rally Footage can be found on U-Tube or their website:

why its not green !

For those of you who are wondering why the fire engine is not its normal army green colour from where it derives its name, the team are travelling through Iran and the Middle East where an Army vehicle may draw unwanted attention.

They finally made it !

Mongol EPDM Roof Collage Mongol EPDM Roof Collage
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