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How to Install a heat weldable drain outlet

Step by step guide showing installation and welding of the Self Adhesive Outlets

Step by Step Installation Guide

Print these Instructions
  1. Install Self Adhesive Membrane

    Install the self adhesive membrane as per our instructions. Locate the outlet hole and cut the membrane ready to accept the outlet spigot

  2. Star Cut to Create Hole

    Star cut to create a hole and fold the flaps down in to the down pipe.

  3. Score Release Paper

    Score the outlet release paper once before installing as this will make it possible to remove in the following steps.

  4. Insert the Drain Outlet

    Insert the Drain Outlet

  5. Remove Release Film from Outlet Flange

    Remove Release Film from Outlet Flange.

  6. Heat Weld the Inside of the Flange

    Heat weld the Inside of the Flange.

  7. Heat Weld the Perimeter of the Flange

    Heat weld the perimeter of the flange using the heat gun and seam roller.

Here's what you'll need

Self Adhesive Drain Outlet

Self Adhesive Drain Outlet

to fit 3" Down Pipe