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How to Install an EPDM Gutter Lining Video and Installation Guide

Step by step guide to installing the Self Adhesive EPDM gutter lining system

Step by Step Installation Guide

Print these Instructions
  1. Prep Your Gutter

    Make sure your gutter is clean and dry. Refer to the manufacturers installation manual for bonding to different substrates.

  2. Stir the FG35 Primer

    Stir the FG35 Primer.

  3. Apply FG35 Primer

    Apply a thin coat of the FG35 primer using a medium pile paint roller or mini roller.

  4. Ensure Primer is Touch Dry

    Ensure the FG35 Primer is dry to the touch. This normally takes around 30 minutes.

  5. Measure your Gutter

    Measure your gutter base and sides.

  6. Mark Release Paper

    Copy the dimensions on to the release paper on the underside of the gutter lining.

  7. Score Release Paper

    Carefully score the release paper with a sharp knife ensuring that the gutter lining is not cut.

  8. Position Rubber Membrane in Gutter

    Position the rubber membrane in the gutter allowing sufficient membrane to form the stop end.

  9. Remove First Section of Release Paper

    Peel off first section of release paper from one of the gutter sides. (NOT THE BASE)

  10. Fold Membrane back on itself

    Fold membrane back on it self to expose second section (BASE) of release paper

  11. Remove Second Section of Release Paper

    Remove the release paper from the base of the gutter lining and smooth the EPDM lining on to the gutter base

  12. Remove the Final Section of Release Paper

    Remove the final section of release paper from the back of the EPDM gutter lining and press in to position.

  13. Use Seam Roller or Stiff Brush

    Use Seam Roller or Stiff Brush to press the EPDM gutter lining on to the gutter base and sides

  14. Cut the Membrane on the corners

    Using a sharp pair of scissors cut the membrane on the corners to allow it to fold up the stop ends.

  15. Remove Stop End Release Paper

    Remove the centre section of the stop end release paper.

  16. For the Stop End Pleats

    Form the stop end pleats or pigs ears.

  17. Remove Release Paper

    Remove the relase paper and bond in to position.

  18. Trim Excess EPDM Membrane

    Trim the excess membrane prior to installing trim or lead flashing on brick work.

  19. Heat Weld Patches on EPDM

    Heat weld patches where the membrane has been cut,. a minimum 50mm overlap is required for heat welding.

  20. Waterproofing the Stop End Pleats

    An additional section of membrane can be heat welded in to position to cover any pleats on the stop ends.


  21. Heat Weld Laps

    Heat weld EPDM laps where necessary

  22. Fit Edging Trims

    Fit your chosen edge trim system from where necessary

Here's what you'll need

EPDM Gutter Lining Kits

Gutter Lining Kit

0.33m x 10m