Installation Video for Resitrix Heat Welding

Compatible Systems:
  • The RESITRIX Reinforced Self-Adhesive system is perfect for complicated flat roofs, gutter linings, parapet walls and awkward shapes. Also the right choice for overlaying most existing roofing coverings.
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Step by Step Installation Guide

  1. Overlap Material by 50mm

    Overlap Material by 50mm

    Overlap material by 50mm

  2. Heat Weld EPDM

    Heat Weld EPDM

    Heat weld the EPDM using an electric hot-air gun and 40mm flat nozzle. Apply pressure using a steel or silicon seam roller.

    Maintain a 2" (50mm) gap between the nozzle and seam roller, applying medium pressure and ensuiring a bleed out is present from the membrane edge.

  3. Completed Heat Weld

    Completed Heat Weld

    Completed Resitrix Heat Weld. Bleed out visible.

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