As of 25th January 2016, we’re open for business at our new warehouse!

You can now find us at UNIT 4, Swallowgate Business Park, rather than unit 2C, so we’ve only moved 100 yards from our last unit.

The move sees us gain the space we need to grow the company across all areas. Our new warehouse is over twice the size of our last unit at 12,500 sq ft and we’ve been busy over the last few months fitting it out for our needs. The new extra space will allow us to extend our product range and stock capabilities, increase our training facilities, improve our trade counter and of course provide the necessary facilities for our staff to continue to deliver the level of service that we’re known for.

There’s still a lot to do at the new unit to get it all polished but we’re fully operational and really excited to finally be in! We’ll keep you informed of the future developments but until then drop in or call us for all your flat roofing needs!

Our Phone Numbers are Changing

As well as the slight change to our address, we are consolidating all of our phone numbers. This means that a few of our older phone numbers will cease to work. There’ll be no change to our main numbers, so for the majority of our customers there’ll be no impact, but please just check your contacts to ensure you have the right numbers to avoid any complications in the future.

Freephone: 0800 3134486
Mobile friendly: 02476 667234

Sneak Peek Inside (a work in progress)