Skyguard Bond & Seal Mastic

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Compatible Systems:
  • The Skyguard system is the most cost-effective system, perfect for simple once-piece roofs such as sheds and outbuildings.
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Perfect  For Homeowners & Novice DIY-ers

Bond & Seal Mastic is part of the Skyguard family and is an essential finishing touch to your Skyguard membrane installation. Using this product is super quick and easy as it has been created with the homeowner and novice DIY-er in mind.

Essential For Long-Lasting Skyguard Roofs

This strong product is designed to bond the Membrane to the roof edges around the perimeter so that the membrane is secure and watertight. Once this product is used alongside the other products in the Skyguard family it will form a long-lasting roof with a life expectancy of 50 years.  

One Tube Covers 10 Linear Metres

Each 300ml tube will cover 10 linear metres. For sheds sized 2.44m x 1.83m (8ft x 6ft), we recommend purchasing 1 tube. If you need help working out how many Bond & Seal Mastic tubes you need for your project why not buy our pre-made Skyguard Shed Rubber Roof Kit or call our dedicated sales team on 024 7666 7234 who will be happy to help. 

A Cost-Effective Product With A Professional Finish

Our Adhesive Gun and Scissors work hand in hand with this product and we recommend purchasing these items alongside our Bond & Seal Mastic for a professional finish. 

Advantages of Bond & Seal Mastic

  • Use Straight Out Of The Tube
  • Bonds The Membrane Edges To The Deck Perimeter
  • Value For Money - One Tube Will Cover 10 linear metres
  • Quick & Easy To Use
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How do you use Skyguard Bond & Seal Mastic?

This product is very easy to use, simply remove the nib of the tube with a pair of scissors and then attach the product to an adhesive gun

When applying this product to the deck perimeter, ensure the edges of the membrane are lifted away from the area before applying a consistent amount of the product to the substrate. 

Once the product is applied, allow the edge of the membrane to come into contact with the product. Use your hands to press the membrane into the product to ensure the membrane is secure.

It is important to check that the membrane is fully bonded around the perimeter before continuing to apply any timber cladding or trims.

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