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Sizes stated are of the actual membrane so your roof size needs to be slightly smaller.

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Compatible Systems:
  • The Skyguard system is the most cost-effective system, perfect for simple once-piece roofs such as sheds and outbuildings.
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Skyguard® Shed Rubber Roof Kit

The Skyguard EPDM rubber roof kit is a modern and attractive alternative to traditional felt. Supplied in one sheet the roofing system is easy to install and is perfect for sheds and outbuildings. With very low maintenance involved, the shed rubber roof is very long-lasting and has a life expectancy of over 50 years. 

Weather Resistant

Install the Skyguard EPDM rubber roof kit on your shed or outbuilding and have no more problems with leaks! Unlike other traditional roofing materials, the EPDM membrane is completely UV stable and will not tear or blister. The membrane is fully bonded to your shed or outbuilding roof deck and remains flexible for its entire life.

Easy & Quick Installation 

The Skyguard rubber roof kit is super easy and quick to install. Designed with the homeowner or novice DIYer in mind, the shed roof kit is manufactured prejoined in one complete sheet. This means you won't have to do any joining onsite and makes the process of installation simple and easy.

20 Year Warranty

The Skyguard® EPDM roof system will protect your home sheds, outbuildings, log cabins, garden studios and summer houses for their entire lifespan with the added security of a 20 year warranty.

Advantages of Skyguard

  • 50+ Year Life Expectancy
  • Maintenance Free
  • Rapid Fitting Times
  • Will Not Tear, Split or Crack
  • Clean and Easy To Install
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Supplied in One-Piece
  • Attractive Finish

Included in Kit:

  • 1.0mm thick Skyguard EPDM Membrane (Size as per roof kit chosen)
  • Water Based Deck Adhesive to adhere membrane to roof deck
  • Bond and Seal Mastic to bond the membrane to the roof edges
  • Roller
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Questions & Answers (6)

What is the Life Expectancy of EPDM Rubber Roofs?

EPDM Rubber roofs have a 50 year life expectancy.

EPDM has been in commercial use since the 1960s. And many of those roofs are still around today. 

Will my EPDM membrane have a join?

All membranes do have manufactures joins as supplied to us. Depending on the spacing of the joins and the size of the piece being cut off the roll, sometimes there is no manufacturers join in the membrane.

All EPDM membranes, whether it is Firestone, ClassicBond or SKYGUARD have these joins and they are unavoidable. However, the big advantage is that it is supplied to you in one piece as our website states, which means you don't have to do any onsite joins where workmanship could be a factor.

Does It Have To Be Dry For EPDM Roofing To Be Laid?

EPDM membranes require the substrate to be dry prior to installation so that the adhesive & primers can effectively bond the rubber to the roof deck. EPDM products will not adhere to wet or damp surfaces. It is important to bear in mind that trapped moisture within the deck may vaporise and negatively affect the performance of the membrane. 

If you would like more tips on when to install your EPDM roofing, check out the video below.

How do you use Skyguard Bond & Seal Mastic?

This product is very easy to use, simply remove the nib of the tube with a pair of scissors and then attach the product to an adhesive gun

When applying this product to the deck perimeter, ensure the edges of the membrane are lifted away from the area before applying a consistent amount of the product to the substrate. 

Once the product is applied, allow the edge of the membrane to come into contact with the product. Use your hands to press the membrane into the product to ensure the membrane is secure.

It is important to check that the membrane is fully bonded around the perimeter before continuing to apply any timber cladding or trims.

How Do You Use Skyguard Water Based Deck Adhesive?

Skyguard Water Based Deck Adhesive can be used straight out of the tub making it a great, no-nonsense product.  

Install this product using a roller to ensure it is distributed consistently throughout the roof deck. We recommend purchasing our 100mm Mini Roller alongside this product for an easy application.

What Temperatures Can A Rubber Roof Be Installed In?

We recommend a minimum temperature of 5°C for EPDM installation. This is due to the WBA adhesive being water-based and lower temperatures may cause the adhesive to freeze over and fail. 

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