Internal Drain 68mm Kit

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Compatible Systems:
  • The ClassicBond One Piece EPDM system is great for large or small flat roof areas and is normally bonded on to a timber deck in one piece so no joins!
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Internal Drain 68mm Kit

Kit Contains:

1 x Internal Drain 68mm

1x  9" Uncured Flashing Tape 300mm 

1x 250ml EPDM Primer

1x Leaf Grate

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Questions & Answers (3)

What is the Life Expectancy of EPDM Rubber Roofs?

EPDM Rubber roofs have a 50 year life expectancy.

EPDM has been in commercial use since the 1960s. And many of those roofs are still around today. 

Is Classicbond EPDM BBA Certified?

Yes. ClassicBond EPDM holds the British Board of Agrément certificate, No. 11/4853, issued to Flex-R Ltd. The BBA carries out assessment, testing, approval and certification of products and systems for the construction industry against national requirements, internationally recognised standards or other relevant technical specifications, reviewed and reissued every 3 years.

Fire Ratings

The ClassicBond system is also fire rated, the 1.2mm EPDM has a fire rating of EXT.F.AB and the 1.5mm EPDM membrane is fire rated to EXT.F.AA. Fire rating is carried out on a variety of deck surfaces and it is important to seek the certificate that relates most accurately to your roof structure.

What Temperatures Can A Rubber Roof Be Installed In?

We recommend a minimum temperature of 5°C for EPDM installation. This is due to the WBA adhesive being water-based and lower temperatures may cause the adhesive to freeze over and fail. 

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