Can EPDM sheets be joined?

Can Classicbond EPDM be joined?


Classicbond EPDM Membranes can be easily joined using either the 3" splice tape or some 6" covertape. Primer must be used when joining two sheets as the self adhesive tapes will only adhere to a primed surface . Please see our video installation guide to see how this is done using the 3" seam tape.

3" Splice tape being applied.
Can RESITRIX Sheets be joined?

Yes!  The membrane can be joined and sealed by using a Hot air gun with a flat nozzle and seam roller to creat a heat weld. It is  easy to tell if a good weld has been formed as there will be a bleed on the welded edge. You can watch our installaton video to see how this is done.

Heat Weld Resitrix Membrane Laps
Can DuoPly EPDM be Joined?

Yes DuoPly Membranes have a pre-applied seam tape applied to one side. This make joing the membrane quicke and more effective. you can watch our video installation guide to see how this is done

Pre-applied Seam Tape (PST) improves seaming productivity by nearly 75% and addresses the roofing industry’s biggest challenge —the shortage of skilled labour. This means completing projects faster, improving the ability to get buildings “in the dry” in less time and minimising business disruption. Delivering 30% greater peel strength and 32% greater shear strength than traditionally applied seams.

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