EPDM rubber is often hailed as the most environmentally friendly roofing system. Not satisfied with easy-to-make claims, we wanted to explore the actual reasons behind rubber roofing as the most environmentally conscious option for your project.

1. Non Polluting Rainwater

EPDM rubber doesn’t pollute rainwater, which means the water stays safe for rainwater harvesting – a great way to reduce water bills and water consumption by up to 40%, contributing to a more sustainable way of living.

2. Recycling Rubber

Many tire manufacturers now produce EPDM rubber roofing as they recycle the rubber used in the tire making process. This prevents them from having to be burned after use – a process which releases harmful black smoke and hydrocarbons into the air.

3. No Bitumen Issues

Roofing felt, one of the most popular roofing materials, contains bitumen, which is categorised as a hazardous material in certain areas. Not only does this have a negative impact on the environment, it also makes disposing of roofing felt difficult and expensive.

4. Insulation Properties

EPDM is a fantastic insulator. That means you won’t need to waste as much money and energy on heating/cooling the building. Thanks to our school science lessons, we know that heat rises. If your house isn’t adequately insulated, your heating bills are literally going through the roof.

5. Low Smog Impact

The Life Cycle Inventory and Assessment of Low-Slope Roofing Systems in North America study found that EPDM roofing had the lowest impact on smog, acid rain and global warming potential in comparison to other roofing systems.

6. Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)

At only 6.93 kg CO² per square foot, the global warming potential of EPDM is nearly half that of the nearest material.

7. Durability

Durability and ease of repair reduces the need for disposing of EPDM roofing systems in landfill, unlike alternatives. Landfills contaminate water in the surrounding area and release the greenhouse gas methane.

8. Re-use

EPDM sheets can be recycled after use as the rubber mats used in children’s playgrounds, or used as fuel to help reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

EPDM rubber is the choice for the environmentally conscious. Not only is it the healthiest option for the planet, but it’s also the choice for the financially savvy. Long lifespan and durability mean that replacement costs are far less than the alternatives.

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