Attractive Flat Roofs

Our EPDM roofing materials are available in a dark grey slate colour. EPDM synthetic rubber always looks natural and doesn’t easily show dirt.

One of the reasons why we love EPDM is the fact that it does not support the growth of moss, unlike traditional felt systems, making EPDM a great zero-maintenance flat roofing material. 

The synthetic rubber finish does not require ballast or chippings that often have the annoying habit of blocking gutters and downpipes.

The durability of this material means that EPDM products will not only look attractive when they have first been installed but they continue to look good for many years after the initial installation. 

Compatible Systems:
  • The ClassicBond One Piece EPDM system is great for large or small flat roof areas and is normally bonded on to a timber deck in one piece so no joins!
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  • The RESITRIX Reinforced Self-Adhesive system is perfect for complicated flat roofs, gutter linings, parapet walls and awkward shapes. Also the right choice for overlaying most existing roofing coverings.
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  • The Skyguard system is the most cost-effective system, perfect for simple once-piece roofs such as sheds and outbuildings.
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