ARBOFLEX PU UV Protection Top Coat 5Kg

ARBOFLEX® PU UV PROTECT is a Resin designed to seal and form a protective layer on top of ARBOFLEX PU Liquid Waterproofing. The purpose of this layer is to provide protection from UV radiation whilst also providing protection from Stress, Abrasion, Weathering and extreme temperatures. Available in Dark Grey.

Covers 5-7 m2 /kg / coat

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Compatible Systems:
  • A liquid waterproofing system that can be installed straight over felt and many other roofing substrates. It is perfect for complicated and uneven roofs and can be used straight out of the tin!
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ARBOFLEX PU UV PROTECT is a single component aliphatic resin for treatment and protection against UV rays. It forms a flexible, seamless layer in satin finish, with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties. It forms a resistance to abrasion and stress, weathering, temperature variations, UV radiation. As a continuous film with excellent adhesion and mechanical properties, it is resistant to abrasion, stress, weathering, extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

Product Features

  • It is a satin finish, aliphatic, single component resin.
  • Tack free time: 5 minutes; open to use: 3 hours.
  • It forms an easy to clean and maintain, continuous coating.
  • ARBOFLEX PU UV PROTECT should be applied in dry conditions.
  • ARBOFLEX PU UV PROTECT can be applied on a variety of surfaces: concrete, cement, ceramics and ARBOFLEX PU membranes.
  • Apply on dry, firm substrates, with a surface temperature of between 3 ºC above the dew point, an ambient temperature of at least 10 ºC.
  • ARBOFLEX PU UV PROTECT must be applied in thin layers, with a roller or brush.
  • Do not apply on swimming pools or in areas submerged in water. For further information, please contact our technical department.
  • The yield of ARBOFLEX PU UV PROTECT varies depending on the layers applied, the type of substrate or the final use. It is applied in thin layers, consumption is approximately 200 g/m2/coat.
  • Expires after 12 months, at temperatures between 5° C and 35°C, provided it is stored in a dry place. Once opened use immediately.

Application Method

  • UV protect is roller applied onto the cured Arboflex PU at approximately 200ml per m2
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Covers 5-7 m2 /kg / coat

Questions & Answers (2)

Do you need to prepare your roof before installing Arboflex?

Good preparation is the key to having a long-lasting Arboflex roof. We recommend taking a day to prepare the roof before installing it. Check out RoofScout's video to learn how to get your roof ready for installation. 

How do you install Arboflex?

Check out the video below from our friends over at RoofScout for step-by-step information on how to install Arboflex.

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