ARBOFLEX PU Thickener 1L

ARBOFLEX PU THICKENER is a liquid additive designed to thicken the ARBOFLEX PU Liquid membrane to ensure sufficient adhesion to both Vertical and Sloped surfaces.

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Compatible Systems:
  • A liquid waterproofing system that can be installed straight over felt and many other roofing substrates. It is perfect for complicated and uneven roofs and can be used straight out of the tin!
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ARBOFLEX PU THICKENER is a polymeric thickener, developed specifically as a liquid additive for the polyurethane liquid membrane ARBOFLEX PU. For use on vertical or sloped surfaces, providing thixotropic properties.

Product Application

  • Additive for ARBOFLEX PU to be applied on vertical or sloped surfaces. Prevent sagging of the membrane due to its drying time.

Application Method

  • Add ARBOFLEX® PU THICKENER in the proportion needed (maximum 800 ml per 20 kg of ARBOFLEX PU) in the drum of the ARBOFLEX PU.
  • The mixing ratio is relative to site conditions.
  • Continue mixing until the product is homogeneous.
  • If the outside temperature is lower than 5º, heat before mixing with ARBOFLEX PU.
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Do you need to prepare your roof before installing Arboflex?

Good preparation is the key to having a long-lasting Arboflex roof. We recommend taking a day to prepare the roof before installing it. Check out RoofScout's video to learn how to get your roof ready for installation. 

How do you install Arboflex?

Check out the video below from our friends over at RoofScout for step-by-step information on how to install Arboflex.

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