Sustainable Roofing Systems

As environmentalists and regulatory organisations put more emphasis on the sustainable performance of building materials, EPDM continues to be the roofing material that stands the test of time. Characteristics that contribute to EPDM’s overall system performance include:

  • Cyclical membrane fatigue resistance
  • Proven hail resistance High resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion
  • Flexibility in low temperatures
  • Thermal shock durability
  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance

Recent research shows that EPDM has other desirable performance characteristics that link nicely with the nation’s need for more environmentally friendly and durable low-slope roofing systems. Over the last year or so, research studies have found that: buildings in certain climate zones can save more energy with a dark-coloured EPDM roof rather than a white thermoplastic membrane. 

Not only is EPDM easy to repair, it can also be installed over existing roof coverings reducing the need for landfill.

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