Purchasing the right materials

We appreciate that getting all the right materials together for your first EPDM roofing project can be a little daunting. So you buy the correct materials we've developed a range of kits with everything you need. Choose from our ready-to-go roof kits, or build your own made to measure Roof Kit with our EPDM One-Piece Calculator. 

Build Your Own One-Piece Roof Kit

Simply answer a few questions to let us know the size of your roof and how each edge terminates then our calculator does the rest. This calculates how much EPDM and adhesive is required to fit the new roof as well as working out what trims and corners are needed to finish it all off.

Using the calculator is quick and easy and will make sure you have all the right materials

Build Your Own Kit

Select from one of our Roof Kits

We've bundled up all the materials you need for some of the less complicated roofing projects into kits. These kits come with the rubber membrane, adhesives, sealants and trim required for your chosen project.

We've created a range of kits for different projects including Garage Roof KitsFlat Roof Kits, Dormer Roof KitsPorch Roof KitsOrangery Roof KitsShed Roof Kits and Gutter lining Kits. Each style of kit come in a range of sizes to fit your requirements, so take a look to see if we've got something in your size.

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