Lead Alternative Roof Flashing, Durable, Lightweight and flexible.

Roll Length: 6 metres

Lead clips will be required if Leadax is used as a wall flashing (Approximately 50 clips)

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Compatible Systems:
  • The ClassicBond One Piece EPDM system is great for large or small flat roof areas and is normally bonded on to a timber deck in one piece so no joins!
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  • The ClassicBond Pro Fleece Reinforced EPDM system is a high-performance, reduced shrinkage system which is ideal for large overlay roofs due to rapid installation times.
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  • The Skyguard system is the most cost-effective system, perfect for simple once-piece roofs such as sheds and outbuildings.
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  • A liquid waterproofing system that can be installed straight over felt and many other roofing substrates. It is perfect for complicated and uneven roofs and can be used straight out of the tin!
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Cromar Leadax is the first lead alternative in the world with the same properties as traditional lead and is not harmful to health or the environment. A new generation of lead alternative which is not only easier to use, but is also easier on your pocket.

The Cromar Leadax is available in 6m rolls, lead grey in colour and the following width sizes:

  • 150 mm
  • 200 mm
  • 250 mm
  • 300 mm
  • 400 mm
  • 450 mm
  • 600 mm
  • 1000 mm

Independent tests have shown that Cromar Leadax has the same waterproof properties as traditional lead and can be processed by hand. Even in the most extreme weather conditions. It is available in a wide range of widths, which means that it is quick to process. Leadax also leaves no marks on roof tiles and is guaranteed to last for 25 years.

The lead flashing clips will be needed if you are using Leadax as a wall flashing, replacing lead wedges - saving you time. Designed to fit chase joints between 6mm - 18mm. The pack contains approximately 50 clips.

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