Double sided Jointing tape for Vapour Barrier

Damplas Double-sided Jointing Tape 

Size: 50mm x 10m 

Colour: Blue 

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Damplas Double-sided Jointing Tape is a high performance blue butyl mastic tape with adhesive to both sides, supplied in 50mm x 10m rolls for membrane joints and Damplas CPT Plus Jointing tape and 100mm x 10m for damp proof course joints and gas membrane systems.


Damplas Double-sided Jointing type is designed for use in bonding overlaps in Damplas membrane, gas membrane and DPC systems.


Always ensure that the membrane and/or DPC is clean, dust free and dry at the time of jointing. Adjacent sheets must be overlapped by a minimum of 150mm. Bond together using Damplas Double Sided Jointing tape, the lap should be sealed using Damplas Single Side jointing tape. If the membrane has been damaged it should be patched with sheets of identical thickness lapped at least 150mm beyond the limits of the puncture and bonded with Damplas Double-sided Jointing Tape and sealed with Damplas Single-sided Jointing Tape.

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