Flat Roof Vapour Barrier (VCL)

Damplas Vapour control layer for flat roofs 

Size: 4m x 25m (100m2) 

Colour: Translucent 

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Damplas Vapour Control Layer (VCL) is intended for use within Flat Roof structures to prevent the penetration of moisture into structure surfaces and to improve the airtightness of buildings. The VCL also restricts the movement of warm moist air and improves building insulation. 

The Vapour Barrier is suitable for both warm and cold Deck designs 

Colour: Translucent 

Size: 4m x 25m (100m2) 


Manufactured from blown extruded polythene film, Damplas VCL consists of a green polythene sheet approximately 125 Micron thick.


Damplas Vapour Control Layer is intended for use in controlling the movement of water vapour through Roof structures, if water vapour is allowed to condense between building elements it can have serious implications for the strength of surrounding structural systems and reduce the effectiveness of thermal insulation. Damplas VCL is designed to be laid loose within walls, floors and roofs to restrict water vapour penetration into these structural areas.


Damplas VCL should be installed along the warm side of the insulated structure in accordance with the recommendations of BS5250:2002 ‘Code of Practice for control of condensation in buildings’. The VCL should be installed within a continuous sheet to prevent water vapour from entering any gaps. Care should be taken to ensure that all holes and seams are sealed effectively maintaining a secure waterproof barrier. When joining two sheets they should be overlapped by 75mm before being sealed. All edges should be lapped over supports before being taped to them. Before applying the VCL, the moisture content of the frame should be 20% or less. It is advised that the Damplas Vapour Control Layer should not be installed in air temperatures of 5o C or below

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