Why Choose EPDM?

Are you considering using EPDM for your next project?

Many tradespeople who are new to EPDM will ask themselves two things: 

  • Is it a fad? 
  • Is this worth my time? 

Two valid questions that are important to get an answer to. 

This blog will tell you the top 5 reasons why more tradespeople are using EPDM for their projects. After reading this blog you’ll know if EPDM is worth your time. Before we get into the reasons why tradespeople love using this material, let’s answer the first question. 

Is EPDM A Fad?

The short answer is no. It has a proven track record of over 50 years and is growing in popularity each year.

The first EPDM roof was installed in 1962 by Carlisle SynTec, using the system ClassicBond. It first became popular in the 1970s due to its biggest competitor asphalt roofing changing in quality.

From the 1970s up to 2005 major product developments were made to make less room for human error and to prolong the service life. These improvements helped solidify this material as a long-lasting option for commercial and domestic flat roofs. It also helped grow tradespeople’s love for this material.

SBC Magazine has a really informative article about the history of this material and is a great read for understanding more about the quality we know and love today.

Now without further delay, let's answer the most important question…

Is EPDM Worth Your Time?

If you’re looking for a flat roofing material that works for your customers but more importantly works for you… look no further. From the ease of installation to the versatility of the material, there are lots of reasons why EPDM is worth investing your time in.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Install EPDM

1. EPDM Is Easy

Are you tired of materials that make tricky jobs even harder?

EPDM is the material for you.

It’s easy to use and is known across the board as a material that can be quickly learnt by any new tradespeople and labourers. This is hands down the biggest reason why tradespeople love using EPDM.

Unlike laborious materials like GRP and PVC there aren’t any steep learning curves when you’re getting to grips with this material. It’s also been designed with minimal room for human error to support you with those awkward roofs.

2. Safer For You

Another important reason why many tradespeople prefer to use EPDM is it’s a safer material to use. Some materials like built-up roofs (BUR) and torch on felt involve melting bitumen and tar which gives off lots of harsh fumes.

EPDM has a cold application, which means naked flames aren’t required during installation. The majority of EPDM systems are installed with adhesives which are less harmful to the installer and environment. 

3. Minimal Wastage

Reclaim your valuable van space! 

EPDM has minimal wastage, most systems are available in one piece that is cut to size for your project. There are other EPDM systems that are available in rolls however the wastage is used for detail work like skylights and flus. Use your van for tools, not material leftovers.

4. There’s An EPDM For Your Project

The time you invest in learning about this material will pay off! EPDM isn’t a one-hit wonder you’ll struggle to use for other projects.

There are lots of EPDM systems on the market all with different advantages so you’ll be easily able to find a suitable system for your project. From small to extra large roofs, domestic to commercial, balconies to green roofs… there’s an EPDM that’s perfect for the job.

Also, heritage roofs are not a problem thanks to this material having a cold application. This is a unique benefit as many materials like torch-on felt struggle with this.

5. Value For Money For Your Customers

With all the benefits EPDM offers tradespeople, you’d think it’d be rare for it to be as beneficial for your customers… Not only is this system preferred by many tradespeople it’s also loved by millions of homeowners, with the number increasing each year!

The cost of living rising plays a crucial part in homeowners needing sustainable products that are great value for money. EPDM ticks those boxes as it has a 50-year life expectancy and is completely maintenance-free, all while having an attractive slick finish.

EPDM & You

Investing your time into a new flat roofing material can be a difficult decision to make. EPDM has been designed with tradespeople in mind.

  • Easy to learn and use - have dread-free days
  • Safer for the installer - no open flame installations with harsh fumes
  • Minimal wastage - say hello to van space
  • Versatile - a range of systems available to suit your project needs
  • Happier customers - no maintenance, lasts 50 years and has a smart finish

So Are You Ready To Start Your Journey Of Working Smarter With EPDM?

You’re probably wondering where do I start?... What's the most important thing to do first?...

We’ve got you covered. 

Check out our blog for 5 steps you need to take to get into EPDM.

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