Single Ply Roofing Benefits

Single Ply Roofing is not only lightweight and a high performing roof but is resistant to all weather conditions and temperatures. Single Ply Membrane is easy to install and is also long-lasting with a lifetime of up to 50 years. Other roofing systems that are made from EPDM, TPO, TPE & PIB typically last between 10-25 years, giving Single Ply Rubber Roofing the edge of durability over all other roofing systems. 

For property owners and managers of commercial and industrial properties, there are a huge range of benefits in choosing single ply membranes for any flat roof. An increasing number of homeowners are also using this roofing material for home extensions, outbuildings and garages etc. This really showcases the adaptability of single ply rubber roofing as the material can be implemented on any type of building with a flat roof.

Categorised as one of the most popular flat roofing materials with a large list of advantages. 

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Simple & easy to install 
    • This results in lower installation costs as the stress-free installation reduces the time needed to fit the roofing.
  • Exceptional weather resistance
    • With the unpredictability of European weather, Single Ply Roofing remains resistant in all types of weather. The rubber is waterproof & freeze proof as well as being resistant to UV rays. This means less deterioration and consequently less repairs. 
  • Durable with resistance to tears and punctures
  • Cost-effective roofing material
  • As the material is not easily torn or punctured, this means there is less potential for storm damage.
  • Fleece-backed membrane for bonded applications and unbacked for mechanically fixing
  • Provides a flat & level surface for equipment such as HVAC units
  • No chlorides, fluorides or plasticisers present in the single ply membranes.
  • No carcinogenic fumes present during installation
  • Available in both light & dark grey

There are also many additional benefits to consider when considering Single Ply Roofing:

  • A removed single-ply flat roof membrane can be recycled
  • Can be easily converted/adapted for green roof installations
  • Resists damage from UV rays – fewer repairs/less deterioration
  • Suitable for overlaying existing roofs
  • Can be repaired and rewelded years after installation
  • Airtight construction
  • Lightweight ability
  • Root proof without further protection (FLL Factor)
  • Absorbs thermal movement
  • Square-grid pattern finish which aids slip resistance
  • Offer ease-of-access for purposes of maintenance, repairs

We understand that finding the right roofing system for your specific needs can be daunting and time consuming. If you’d like to browse our great range of Single Ply Roofing click here

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