How To Prepare A Flat Roof Before Installing Arboflex

Arboflex is a no-nonsense liquid flat roofing system that's suitable for both domestic and commercial roofs. This material is made from pure liquid polyurethane and is designed to be installed straight over most roofing substrates. This system can be used straight out of the tin and its liquid formation adapts to uneven, curved and irregular surfaces.

It's all in the preparation

Good preparation is the key to having a long-lasting Arboflex roof. We recommend taking a day to prepare the roof before installing it. Our friends over at RoofScout have a really informative video explaining exactly what you need to do before installing Arboflex. Check the video out below.

Now your roof is prepped, it's time to get installing. Check out our blog to learn step-by-step how to install Arboflex.

Learn How To Install Arboflex

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