Firestone EPDM Alternative: ClassicBond

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Firestone EPDM Alternative? Your search is over… ClassicBond is a high-quality EPDM system that’s extremely similar to Firestone. 

In this blog, you'll learn about the key similarities and differences between Firestone and ClassicBond

Firestone At A Glance

Firestone RubberCover (which has been now been re-branded as Elevate) is a popular flat roofing system that’s widely used across the UK for domestic and commercial projects. It's formed from EPDM and is available in one piece that’s cut to size to make installation smoother and quicker.

What’s The Difference Between ClassicBond and Firestone?

Both systems are extremely similar and are in fact the same in terms of form, functionality and installation which makes ClassicBond a great Firestone EPDM alternative. There are however a few differences you should consider.


The history of these systems is where you’ll find the first key difference. ClassicBond is the original EPDM and was first installed in the 1960s, whereas Firestone was launched 20 years later in the 1980s. The first ClassicBond roof is still going strong today, giving all ClassicBond customers real-life evidence that this system will stand the test of time. 

Service Life

The second key difference between these popular systems is their service life as stated in their BBA certificates. ClassicBond has a service life of 35 years whereas Firestone’s service life is 30 years. This five-year difference is a big factor as to why more Homeowners are considering ClassicBond over Firestone.


Colour is another difference between these EPDM systems. ClassicBond is available in a slate grey whereas Firestone is black in colour. The difference in colour is very minor as both look extremely dark once installed.


Both of these systems have two thicknesses to choose from making them both very versatile. Classicbond’s standard thickness is 1.2mm thick whereas Firestone’s standard thickness is 1.14mm. Generally, this difference isn’t noticed by most people and this thickness doesn’t affect the overall quality of the roof once installed.  In terms of ClassicBond and Firestone's premium option, they are both exactly the same, 1.52mm thick. 

We've written a blog dedicated to helping you pick the right thickness for your project. 

Is ClassicBond A Good Firestone EPDM Alternative?

ClassicBond is an extremely good alternative to Firestone. Both of these systems have a 50-year life expectancy and are completely UV stable meaning they won’t become brittle with time. Not only that, both systems are completely maintenance-free. Their membrane's smooth finish doesn’t support the growth of moss, making them great fit-and-forget materials.

Fire ratings and BBA certification has been awarded to both systems and they are both suitable for small to medium domestic and commercial roofs. Check out ClassicBond and Firestone's BBA certificates.

There aren’t any steep learning curves when getting to grips with these systems. The tools used for installation are cheaper than most tools required for other roofing materials on the market. In terms of price, both are often very similar in price however more so than not ClassicBond tends to be slightly cheaper depending on who you buy from.

Both systems are available as stand-alone materials or in pre-made kits to make buying your EPDM materials easier. To make buying even easier and quicker we’ve created a ClassicBond Kit Calculator. This free online service gives you a quote for your very own custom-made kit quicker than you can make a cup of tea.

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