Autumn Roof Maintenance Tasks

Keeping your roof in good condition is easier than you might think, especially during Autumn and Spring.

The best time to carry out maintenance tasks on your rubber roof is Autumn, after most of the leaves have fallen, and Spring. If you make time to inspect your roof twice a year, most minor issues can be caught early and fixed at minimal cost.

So, what maintenance should we be doing?

Inspect your roof

Make a visual check of your roof, looking for any damage or potential problem areas such as loose seals or damage to fascia boards. For bungalows and first-floor flat roofs, inspecting your roof might be something you could do yourself (making sure you have someone to hold the ladders), but the safest way is to call in a professional. 

Clean your gutters

This is probably the most essential thing to do. Blocked gutters full of wet leaves, twigs and moss won’t be able to cope with the huge downpours we often get during the winter months, and leaking gutters can damage your brickwork. 

Blocked gutters can also cause dampness inside your property, so it’s something you need to check. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, a gutter cleaning company with all the specialist equipment can take care of this for you. They can even use video links to see what’s lurking high up.

Check overhanging trees

Trim back any branches growing over your roof to stop further leaves and twigs from falling onto the roof and blocking the gutters. This will also prevent any large branches from damaging your roof if there’s a storm or heavy snowfall when winter comes.

Remove moss

Sweep your flat roof to get rid of any debris and moss. Keeping your roof clean and free of moss is the best way to prolong its life and avoid any issues caused by rot and mould growth.

Taking these small measures will make sure your roof is kept in top condition for many years to come, and save you from getting any unwelcome large repair bills!

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