Why Are There Bubbles or Blisters On My EPDM Rubber Roof?


Whilst bubbles or blisters on a one-piece EPDM roof can be unsightly they will not cause the rubber membrane to fail. These bubbles of trapped air/moisture can be caused by a variety of issues which are all avoidable if the roof design is correct and the membrane is correctly installed. 

Vapour from Contact Bonding Adhesive

Contact bonding adhesive is used for bonding the rubber membrane on upstands and around the perimeter of the roof deck. The adhesive is solvent based and must be allowed to gas off and become touch dry prior to bonding the membrane into position. If the rubber is bonded prior to the adhesive drying then bubbles will appear under the membrane caused by the trapped vapour from the adhesive.

These bubbles are often not severe and will disappear over a relatively short period of time as the EPDM membrane is partially breathable. The process can often be accelerated by weighting the affected area. In severe cases where the adhesive has not been allowed to become touch dry the membrane may need to be peeled back and re-bonded. 

Expanding Trapped Air Within The Roof Structure

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