GRP Simulated Lead Flashing Trim (C100)

Designed to be used instead of lead flashing

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The Flashing Trim is a preformed lead simulation trim designed to be used instead of lead flashing. The trim will slot into the brickwork, so you will need to cut a 25mm chase in between two brickwork courses for the return to set into.

Trim Dimensons

  • Depth 30mm
  • Height 100mm
  • Length 3 Metres
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Questions & Answers (5)

How Long Does a GRP Fibreglass roof last?

If installed correctly, a Fibreglass roof has a typical life expectancy in access of 35 years. 

What surface can a Fibreglass roof be installed onto?

Fibreglass roofs must always be laid onto new and dry OSB3 boards. For best results, we recommend using tongue and groove boards.

Can I walk on a Fibreglass roof?

Yes. Fibreglass is a very tough and durable material. This means walking on your roof shouldn't affect the integrity of the roof 

Does it have to be dry for me to install a Fibreglass Roof?

Yes, never attempt to install a Fibreglass Roof onto wet or damp boards.

What is the minimal temperature I can install a Fibreglass roof in?

The minimum temperature for installing a fibreglass roof is 5 degrees C. 

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