Quick Dry Bitumen Primer

Quick Dry Bitumen Primer for use with Technoelast Vapour Barrier

Coverage: 30-40 m2 

Size: 5 Ltrs 

Colour: Black

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Quick Dry Bitumen Primer for use with Technoelast Vapour Barrier

A low viscosity, high penetration, cold applied bituminous solution designed to prime and seal porous roof

surfaces prior to the application of bituminous materials. Bitumen Primer seals porous substrates and
promotes the adhesion of bituminous waterproofing systems and sheet coverings. It may be applied to a
range of surfaces:-

  • Concrete
  • Asbestos cement
  • Metals – mild steel, zinc & lead
  • Slate, lightweight concrete screeds

Method of Application:
Bitumen Primer should be applied by brush ensuring an even coat with no pooling, or applied evenly by airless
Care needs to be taken over preparation of surfaces before application. All surfaces must be free from oil, dirt,
dust and loose debris. On metal surfaces all loose rust should be removed using a wire brush and where
advanced signs of corrosion are evident the area be treated with a rust inhibitor. Surfaces should be dry for
best results, although Bitumen Primer will adhere to damp but not wet surfaces. Bitumen Primer is resistant to
rainfall within 20-30 minutes of application.

The coverage per litre is dependent upon the porosity of the surface:-

  •  Metal surfaces: 6-12m² per litre
  •  Concrete: 6-8m² per litre
  •  Lightweight concrete screeds and asbestos cement: 3.5-5m² per litre.
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