Can I install EPDM under a shallow pitched tiled roof


Installing traditional tiles over a rubber membrane

The pitch angle of your roof will determine what type and design of tile can be installed. Some modern interlocking roof tiles will accomodate a pitch angle as low as 15 degrees, where as more traditional Rosemary or Victoria tiles require a 35 degree pitch minimum.

In this example the client needed to install a traditional tile on a roof where the pitch was too low for the tile 

EPDM membranes can be installed on any pitch of roof however in certain circumstances it might be important for the roof to have a tiled finish. In the following steps we will show how a roof can be waterproofed using an EPDM membrane and then have a decoratived tile overlayed on counterbattens to give the desired finish.

1. Install OSB3 Roof Deck on Appropriately Spaced Rafters

2. Install EPDM Membrane to shallow pitched roof

3. Fit Battens Using Appropriate Length Screws (Running Towards The Drip Edge)

4. Fit Counter Battens Ready for the Tiles to be Installed

5. Install Roof Tiles (Any water that runs under the tiles will run on to the EPDM membrane)

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