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Can I install a cement screed on top of EPDM rubber membranes?

Yes! EPDM rubber membranes are not effected by cement or lime additives making them ideal for waterproofing screed decks

Full Answer

Yes! EPDM is not effected by cement or lime mortar unlike TPO and plastic single ply membranes. Geotextile Matting is often layed over the top of the EPDM to give it added protection from sharps in the screed. 


EPDM Membranes are often used as a waterproof barrier underneath exposed cement screeds as they offer a tougher alternative to a traditional visqueen membrane which can be easily damaged by the aggregate in cementitious concretes and screeds. These applications include balconies, terraces and block and beam or reinforced concrete roof decks over underground structures.

Whilst EPDM roofing membranes offer an attractive waterproof finish to roofs they are only designed to withstand foot traffic and therefore are unsuitable to take point loads which can damage the membrane. If the roof deck is to be used as a balcony for garden furniture and garden planters etc then a tougher finished surface is required. The addition of a cement screed over the EPDM membrane will protect and provide a tough wear resistant surface that can then be finished off with decorative tiles or fully bonded promenade tiles.

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