What is a Geotextile underlay used for in relation to an EPDM roofing?


The Geotextile membrane fleece can be used in a number of ways:

1. The Geotextile can be used on top of the rubber membrane to protect it from sharp objects when it is planned to ballast (cover) the membrane with pebbles for fire protection.

2. Where a cement screed is being installed on top of the rubber membrane to provide a hard wearing surface for slabs or tiles the geotextile can be placed on top of the EPDM to protect it from sharps in the screed.

3. The Geotextile fleece can be used under the rubber membrane when installing directly over the old roof to protect it from sharps that may puncture the rubber membrane. In this scenario the rubber membrane can not be glued in place so is either secured using Russ strips (A Grid of mechanically fixed bonding strips) or ballasted in position with pebbles or a green roof. This third method is only applicable to Classicbond.



Cement Screed Application

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