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The Best Roofing Solution

EDPM: The Best Roofing Solution
These days with so many options for roofing, its sometimes tough making that final choice for the roof you really need. Here at rubber4roofs it‘s our goal to give you the best solution to your roofing needs with EDPM rubber roofing. Incase your unsure of EPDM rubber roofing, it has been in use since 1960s and still continues to be used while growing more in popularity every year. So why use EPDM rubber roofing? Well, it’s affordable, easy to install, and clean to work in comparison to other traditional roofing systems. Also due to its chemical structure, has an exceptional resistance to heat, wind, rain and UV Sunlight. Below are the solutions we have for all your needs:

ClassicBond One Piece EPDM
Our ClassicBond® one-piece EPDM is our most popular roofing system and with a proven durability of over 50 years its easy to see why. On top of its proven durability, it’s also more cost-effective and durable than traditional roofing systems, making it an ideal choice for both the commercial and residential sectors. For all applications, we will custom measure and cut the membrane according to the size and shape of your roof, fitted and finished with all kerb edging, wall-up stand firms, and correct drips all ready for your new roofing solution.

Resitrix Self-Adhesive EPDM
Our self-adhesive, seam weldable EPDM membrane is a fantastic product as it offers all the great advantages of EPDM. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and has a non-slip surface, making it safe for installation and any maintenance that may be required. Self-adhesive EDPM is also the perfect material for installation in walkways, gutters, and valleys.

Shedcover EPDM
Traditional shed covers typically only last for around 4 years and will quickly weaken from exposure to UV light and varying weather conditions. To show you how good EPDM is with our Shedcover EPDM we can estimate a life expectancy of over 50 years! Shedcover EPDM is ideal for sheds, summerhouses, garden rooms, outbuildings, and even tree houses. You just need a rubber membrane and a water-based adhesive and you’re all good to go.
Because of the unparalleled durability and huge savings EPDM roofs offer, we are rapidly becoming a favorite when it comes to roofing systems. Call 0800 313 4486 now and let us here Rubber4Roofs give you the perfect roofing solution.