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I have Incorrect Roof Tiles For The Roof Pitch

If the pitch of your roof is too shallow for roof tiles and installing an EPDM rubber membrane can be an excellent solution to this problem

Full Answer

Depending on the design of your roof and the available pitch angle, it may not be possible to use traditional roof tiles. Some modern interlocking roof tiles will accomodate a pitch angle as low as 15 degrees, where as more traditional Rosemary or Victoria tiles require a 35 degree pitch minimum. If you have an existing tiled roof that is leaking due to water blowing up under the tiles then a good solution is to replace the tiles with an EPDM rubber membrane. 

This is a relatively straight forward process, a timber deck is installed on to the existing rafters and the rubber membrane is bonded into place and finished off with the correct edge trims. It is important to ensure the roof structure has ventilation if the roof has traditional mineral wool installation inbetween the rafters. 

Roof Pitch Is Too Shallow For Tiles

Shallow Pitched Roof With Incorrect Tiles

The breather membrane finally failed on this poorly designed roof causing it to leak.

EPDM Rubber Membrane Solution For Tiled Roof

Shallow Pitched Roof With Replacement EPDM Membrane

A new OSB3 deck and EPDM membrane was the solution to this leaking roof.

If your roof pitch is too shallow for the choice of tile, but you still want the look of a tiled roof, then it is possible to install the tiles over a rubber membrane on counter battens. See our other article which deals with this topic Can I Install Roof Tiles Over The Rubber Membrane