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Understanding what content is relevant to which Roofing System

Once you've settled on which of our EPDM systems is best for you, you will find our site full of references to these systems to assist you during your time on our site.


Compatibility Key

The most significant aspect of our site is our compatibiltiy key - a quick visual reference that can be found on the majority of our pages to highlight the relevance of the content you're viewing to each of the roofing systems we have available.

Opposite the page title you'll find the 5 logos of each of our roofing systems. Quite simply if the logo can be seen in full colour then the content you're viewing is relevant to that particular system and if the logo is greyed-out then it's not.  

Compatibility Key Explanation

This is a great quick reference that you'll see across our site on General Article pages, FAQs, Training How To's and most importantly Products - ensuring that you only buy materials that are suitable for the system you've chosen. 


System Overview

Compatibility Key Hover

Also built into our compatibility key is a quick overview of each system. If you need a reminder of which roofing system is which, move your mouse to hover over each of the logos and a short overview of that system will be revealed.

We've also provided links from these overviews into our system home pages - an all-in-one portal to the benefits, training, products and other resources available for each of our flat roofing systems.


Content Filtering

Where possible, we also provide you with the ability to filter content to only show content compatible or relevant to a particular system.

  • Within each of our shop categories you'll be able to filter by roofing system
  • Within our Training Centre you'll be able to filter your results by roofing system, and
  • When reading about the various applications of Rubber Roofs you can filter by roofing system